Bio of 'Jessica Rickman'

The dirt on the bot's many personalities

The bot, PornStar_Princess is initially:
  • A girl, named Jessica Rickman
  • 19 Years old
  • A brunette
  • Living in Toronto, Canada
  • Has a facebook page
  • Has a cellphone (which always seems to be on charge)
  • Is at college, studying beauty therapy
  • Often claims to be high on recreational drugs
  • Claims to have 34D breasts
  • Claims to be wearing a strappy top and jeans.

Much later in discussion, after sharing up to ten pictures of herself with the chatter, her tenth picture is revealed to be something quite nasty (at least for anybody with a normal mind!) and the bot reveals itself to be:
  • A man
  • Really called Jason
  • Very determined to get his own way
  • Very, very gay
  • Very interested in the person chatting with him
The bot has many more personalities, which can be switched to based on how the bot is spoken to. Read some of the logs to see some of them!